Don't Crash Course

From Unboxing to First Landing

This course is very basic and it is exactly as described - we will teach you how to not crash your new drone.  You know, the one that is still sitting in the box because you’d like to know how to not crash it. By the end of our half day of training you’ll be comfortable enough to not only fly your drone safely but also land it safely.  From Box to Landing.

The course is split up into two sections. The first is indoor where we will cover how to unbox and get your drone set up.  If you are a little further along than that (maybe you put it in the air once or twice) that’s fine. We’ll spend about two hours covering all of the configuration options in the DJI Go 4 mobile app.  We’ll discuss the safety implications as they arise. We’ll leave you with a solid understanding on how to change settings as you progress as a remote pilot as well as a solid understanding on how to operate the onboard camera system.

Once we’re done getting you set up we’ll head out to the field to fly.  We’ll have two hours to practice a variety of flying techniques.  We start with basics and eventually move on to challenging you with reverse orientation techniques.  Safety will be addressed throughout our flights as operating in the National Airspace System (NAS) safely is your responsibility as a new recreational pilot.

Throughout the day we’ll be offering advice and insights into commercial operations and next steps you might take if that is your interested.

Current Dates Scheduled are:

October 20th

On October 21st we will be offering an Intermediate Flight Operations Course