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Construction Site Progress Monitoring

We offer a variety of progress monitoring solutions that fit the needs of smaller custom home builds to larger commercial projects.  Our system is designed and deployed to capture images from the same location with the same camera angle throughout the progression shoot.

 In addition to acquiring imagery we can also acquire and produce:

  • 360°/180° Panoramas
  • 2D Digital Elevation Models (for estimating cut/fill volume)
  • 2D Ortho-corrected imagery (for estimating measurement distances, estimating inventory, or for a scaled site overview)
  • 3D Point Cloud models (interactive via the portal)
  • Progress Walkthrough Video

We recognize delivery of the data we acquire to our clients is a critical aspect of the progress monitoring system.  To help in this process we have developer our own monitoring portal where all data deliverables are provided at the touch of a mouse click.

A demonstration of the monitoring portal can be viewed at:

Pricing varies based on the number recurring shoots per month as well as the type of data that is required.