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Commercial Roof Moisture Inspection with FLIR Vuetm

Market research has shown that by doing inspections with easily deployed drones inspectors can save 50-75% when compared to current inspection methods. Additionally, due to the close proximity flights we are able to acquire high-resolution imagery.  All that coupled with the fact that utilizing unmanned drones creates a safer working environment to acquire the data makes using the emerging technology an excellent choice.

The DJI Inspire 1 we operate is equipped with a standard camera and a FLIR Vue Pro. The FLIR captures 640x512 resolution still images. It is equipped with a 13mm lens and captures the same size video at 30fps.  The standard camera captures 12MP images. 


As far as deliverables go the dataset(s) we provide include:

* higher elevation overview images (one standard image, one IR image).

* lower angle IR progressive video scan. 

* lower elevation (close up) Infrared images

* lower elevation (close up) standard images

Operationally the drone is programmed to fly a grid-pattern autonomous mission which guarantees full coverage. The lower elevation standard images will be processed through mapping software which will render a high-resolution ortho-corrected image (orthomosaic).  We will attempt to render an ortho-corrected image from the infrared imagery. However, past attempts have yielded varying results due to the changing false color imagery from frame to frame (due to the fact the Vue is not radiometric).