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Commercial Real Estate Photography and Videography

We offer a full suite of commercial real estate photography and videography services which range from basic image acquisition to complete video production.  We also offer regular photography services for indoor photography of the property.  


Because our team is staffed with award winning photographers when Pfizer called we we're ready to fulfill all of their needs.  Their Boulder Property is going up for sale and they required outdoor aerial and land-based photographs and video. Additionally, they needed indoor photographs of the entire facility. They took our work and produced a full-color sales PDF for the property.


When we began looking for an aerial/interior photographer to shoot our site for a marketing brochure we went to the internet and interviewed several.  When we met Doug and Tom we knew right away we wanted DT Aerial to accept this job.  The knowledge and creativity they brought to the table far outweighed what we were even thinking.  Doug came to our site and gave us many suggestions to ensure the best angles and images would be captured.   This was a team project between DT Aerial and our company.  He continued to work until both parties were content with the outcome.  When the final product was delivered we were very pleased.  If the need arises again, we will definitely call DT Aerial.

~Shari Rivera


When it comes to commercial real estate every job is different.  We don't have a pricing list for the many variations of job types. We base our estimates on our hourly fees for image acquisition, post-processing work and video/promo production. Hourly fees for these services are:

  • $175/hour aerial photography and videography
  • $100/hour photography post-production
  • $125/hour Video/Promo Production