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Home Portrait Photography

As photographers we recognize that getting that one shot that “gives you goose bumps” requires greater effort than acquiring images suitable for a real estate listing.  We also have a variety of equipment (sUA/camera combos) to choose from based on the job requirement. We work hard with our clients to ensure the results we obtain translates to the expected imagery.

Imagery for Real Estate Listings

For this service we arrange to visit the property on a sunny day when the aspect of the front of the home is facing the sun. We’ll schedule either mid-morning through mid-afternoon.  We tend to avoid mid-afternoon shoots as this tends to offer harsher lighting.

Our pricing for 6 to 10 images is $150. Images delivered are 12 megapixels (MP) images at either 4000 x 3000 or 4000 x 2250 pixel dimensions. All images are post-processed in Lightroom. 

Imagery for Digital Media

We view this service as and artistic service geared towards use in electronic media or medium sized printing. Our photographers are artists first and drone operators second.  With this in mind it’s critical to understand that to acquire artistic imagery we’re committed to shooting the property at varying times and/or on different days.  We’ll return for the shoot once the lighting is just right for the best results.

Our pricing for 8 to 12 HDR (high dynamic range) 12 MP images is $300. Images are either 4000 x 3000 or 4000 x 2250 pixel dimensions. We also offer one post-processing edit for the images This includes global adjustments like contrast, color balance, sharpening, etc.

Imagery for Print Media (up to 30”x 40”)

To acquire large format imagery we use one of our larger vehicles  equipped with a Sony A5100 capable of acquiring 24.8 MP images.  For each image three to five bracketed images are acquired at different exposures and compiled into one image utilizing the best exposed area from each image. 

We expect that the the weather and lighting to not cooperate on any particular date so we’ll schedule the shoot for various days at different times (mornings or evenings for warmer light). We will shoot the property until we have the desired imagery.

Our pricing for 4 to 6 HDR 24.8 MP images is $450. Images are either 6000 x 4000 or 6000 x 3376 pixel dimensions. We also offer one post-processing edit for the images.