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DT Aerial Photography LLC (DTAP) offers small unmanned aircraft (sUA) services to the greater intermountain west region of the United States. Based in Boulder, Colorado, DTAP currently operates under an FAA 333 exemption and is fully insured for personal property and personal liability. Our professionally trained staff of operators and ground crew excels in delivering a wide range of aerial products and services. From filming and photography to more complex missions such as acquiring mapping-grade imaging or infrared inspection, our number one goal is to provide professional aerial services that meets or exceeds both the customer expectations and current industry safety standards.

FAA 333 Exemption

The National Airspace (NAS) of United States is one of the busiest and most complex in the world.  Compliance with Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations is critical to any aerial operation. It is in the spirit of compliance that DTAP applied for and was granted a Section 333 Exemption and blanked Certificate of Waiver or Authorization (COA) from the FAA in November of 2015.


To be successful and to maintain our edge we are constantly utilizing the latest technologies to emerge from this industry. From infrared cameras to the latest mapping software our team is focused on staying on top of any technology that might help our clients meet their goals. 


The merger of multiple types of technology into sUA operations requires we build a  savvy and experienced team. No one person can do it and we  would not expect that any one person would have all the necessary skill sets.  Our operators and engineers bring a variety of skills to the table that have been blended to offer the complete team package.  From our operators to video production engineers we've covered all the bases. And as cutting-edge technology is constantly moving and improving we continue to build on that team adding new pieces to ensure we meet the demands the industry places upon us.


Satisfaction is our goal and by combining the latest technologies with our growing team of skilled operators and engineers we're confident we will meet the needs of any project or operation.  No one formula can accomplish this  which is why our team is constantly working to find new ways to ensure the projects we produce meet the requirements of the client.  Our goal of 100% satisfaction combined safety protocols  leaves us confident that we will  safely deliver everything requested if not more.